Events & Trips

Turning Point Academy organises a number of events and trips each year. All events will be advertised on the website calendar Insha-Allah. TPA members are automatically invited to book on to events. We are honoured to receive invitations from organisations and Mosques who host talks and meals for our students Alhamdulillah. Listed below are some of our regular trips and events:

• Annual ‘Shahadah Certificate Event’ for those who require one

• ‘Iftaar Events’ in Ramadan (breaking of fast) for staff and students

• ‘Eid Gatherings’ for single sisters

• Mosque Trips

• ‘Termly Open Days’, where non-Muslim family, friends and colleagues are invited too. This is a regular much-loved event that all students and family members look forward to. Staff and students present poems, sketches and talks based on a theme. For more details, see our Open Day Page.


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