Testimonials from Guests

“I attended Turning Point Academy for the Open Day with my daughter who is new to Islam. I thought it would be interesting to see her side of things. I went there with an open mind, however not wanting to be preached to and forced into anything. As soon as I got there, I felt welcomed. Everyone was very friendly and I was even greeted with a hug!! The talk was very interesting and my best part was when the women spoke about their journeys to Islam. I’m really glad I attended. I was also given some free pamphlets which I plan to read, and I would like to attend the next event. Thank you to the lovely sisters at Turning Point.”

–Mum of a recent young revert

“Thank you for an informative day on Friday. I had known the history of the Crusades but didn’t know about the early converts to Islam and I loved the poem at the end by one of your talented speakers! I look forward to seeing you again soon and coming to the next open day.”

–Lauren, Mum of revert

“My mum attended the TPA Open Day and she could see what we do and that it is nothing bad. It was good for her to meet other mothers who were perhaps confused by the choice their daughters have made. Mum was glad she came and had the opportunity to see/speak with Muslims of all ages and ethnicities. She commented that she found everyone to be very friendly and welcoming. My mum was not aware that I am studying Arabic so at least she had a chance to see the class. The event was well organised; the structure was good and the atmosphere was relaxed. I could see that mum felt comfortable. The overall experience was positive and mum has not made any negative comments at all.”

–Student’s feedback from her Mum

“I attended the TPA Open Day to see where my daughter goes every week. The first thing I noticed and very much liked was how extremely nice and friendly everyone was…not often can one find themselves amongst so many nice women! I felt that everything was very well organised and I could see passion, which is important. I found the organisers to be very hard working and loved to see people being so excited about providing their best. I liked very much that I did not feel pushed and think it should stay like this. As a guest, I did not feel that everyone is trying to convert me and push me into Islam. I enjoyed listening to the personal stories the most.”

–Mum of revert

Comment from Daughter: “My mum could not say anything negative to say about TPA, even though she was thinking hard!”

“Thank you so much for showing me the work that you are doing to help women. It was very interesting to meet so many people from so many places and to learn about their different experiences. The video that you showed at the beginning of the session stated that a smile is charity. Well the room was full of charity-so many happy smiling faces. Please thank all your ‘sisters’ for their warm welcome. Love Liz.”

–Liz – College Lecturer

“When I approached I was very anxious, I don’t know why I just was, but I need not have worried. When I went inside I was made to feel very welcome; the hospitality was surreal. I listened to the talks, etc. and then afterwards spoke to the sisters and anything I did not understand was explained to me. By the time I left the circle I was made to feel as if I was a friend to them all. I did go to another meeting afterwards and I felt totally different to the first time – I did not feel anxious at all, instead I felt that I was meeting friends for a second time and I was right. The hospitality was exactly the same and the sisters treated me exactly the same as the first time. I had a few concerns about the relationship side of Islam – meaning the husband and the wife and this talk cleared them all. I realised that the status of women in Islam was completely different to what I had thought. I really enjoyed myself.”

–Mum of revert

“Thank you, I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved the presentations, as they were an eye opener. It’s always good to understand and appreciate other faiths.”

–Mum of revert

More Testimonials from Guests Coming Soon.


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