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Turning Point Academy (TPA) currently has 25 qualified teachers who volunteer their time at the study sessions on a weekly basis. All educators have knowledge of the wider social context in order to provide on-going gentle guidance. The aim is to foster an inclusive approach and to remain moderate and flexible with a deep understanding of the sensitivities surrounding women who have embraced Islam.

TPA teachers receive training in meeting the specific learning needs of our students. Regular professional development and staff training days are arranged to ensure teachers follow the TPA ethos and deliver the teaching programmes in the most effective manner. The senior team have produced a teacher’s manual to ensure teaching is uniform throughout the Academy. This allows students to move easily from one teacher to another as and when the need arises.


The Turning Point Academy (TPA) management team are committed to inviting women to look into Islam and are concerned about the welfare of new Muslim women and their families. The team consists of a mixture of teachers and students from various educational fields and diverse national backgrounds who possess a range of professional skills and expertise. These skills are applied to maintain and raise the standards of the services provided by the Academy.


Lecturers at Turning Point Academy (TPA) consist of a mixture of on-site and visiting lecturers. The inspiring programme of workshops, discussions and structured courses are professionally planned and delivered. Each presentation is tailored to suit new Muslim sisters, both in content and in conveying the information. Arabic terminology is defined and concepts are explained to ensure the audience benefits fully from the sessions. Time is allocated for questions and the majority of presentations incorporate an interactive element in order to maximise student involvement in the learning process. The use of interactive teaching methods and modern technology makes sessions lively and memorable. The Academy has a diverse range of speakers that adhere to mainstream Islamic thinking, as outlined in the About Us section.


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