Turning Point Academy reserves the right to modify or add to these Terms and Conditions at any time and they will be effective immediately. You are therefore advised to read TPA’s Terms and Conditions periodically. Your continuation of membership will serve as acceptance of any such changes and additions.


a) Convert/Revert/New Muslim women who were not born into a Muslim family
b) Non-Muslim women

We strictly adhere to the selection criteria above due to the nature of sponsorship, limited space, limited resources and TPA’s Charity Commission constitution.


The Code of Conduct document outlines the expectations from all attendees to act in a way that does not affect other members’ safety and rights. It reflects TPA’s ‘respect for all’ ethos, including respect for each other and the environment in which we meet and study. The Code of Conduct also focuses on compliance with TPA’s policies and procedures. It includes measures to maximise the learning experience, such as emphasis on punctuality, being prepared with appropriate learning resources, carrying out instructions and requests and co-operation with teachers. The Code of Conduct will be given to each student at induction and breach of this Code will result in disciplinary action and could lead to exclusion.


TPA reserves the right to refuse admission or terminate membership if an individual may be perceived to be detrimental to the mission and aims of the project, or if meeting the needs of the student is beyond TPA’s expertise and scope, or if the student does not meet the membership criteria.


The information, views, and opinions expressed within the lectures, workshops and on this website are those of the speakers and conributors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the TPA management board. We aim to have a diverse range of speakers and contributors in order to ensure inclusiveness within the majority agreed upon Islamic differences.


TPA reserves the right to amend any details relating to courses and events. TPA aims to keep the events calendar on the website updated.


This website and all materials produced and printed by TPA are under strict copyright laws. This includes, but is not limited to, logos, posters, postcards, graphics, text, books and hand outs. If you would like to use or reproduce any of TPA’s materials or publications, you must seek permission in writing from TPA management.


TPA uses resources from other organisations and websites. TPA has sought permission to use resources that have copyright. To the best of TPA’s knowledge, the materials where permission has not been sought are not copyright. If you find any material that is copyright and that permission has not been sought for, please notify TPA management so the material can either be removed or permission can be sought for from the appropriate organisation.


TPA may include links to other websites. Please note that once you have left the TPA website, the Academy is no longer responsible for your protection and privacy of information that you may provide. TPA will also not accept any responsibility for the content of external sites.

Website: TPA advise students to visit the website regularly to remain updated on courses and events. TPA will post notices of any cancellation or changes on the notice board.
Email: TPA will communicate via email with all members. Communication with individual students will also be via e-mail, therefore it is important that students provide an email address that is checked frequently. If you do not use email, you should inform TPA administration upon induction.
Text messaging: On occasions you will receive a text message from the Academy. You may receive a text addressed to you personally if there is a need for direct communication. It is the responsibility of the student to inform TPA administration of any changes to contact details.


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